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XR Trading is pleased to offer a comprehensive benefits package including a six week paid sabbatical for employees who reach their 10-year and 20-year anniversaries with our firm. Please see a few testimonials from those employees who have already enjoyed their sabbaticals.

Testimonial 1

islandThe sabbatical was a very enjoyable period in my life and I feel that the vacation was used wisely. It was truly a blessing to step back and gain perspective on my role at XR Trading and how my job has furthered many of my ambitions in life.

I took a ten day vacation to Mexico City. Days were spent exploring the Bosque de Chapultepec and the streets of the most populous city in North America. The museums were fantastic. I used the cost of living adjustment to my advantage and ate at a restaurant (Pujol) that consistently ranks among the top 20 in the world. I overcame the massive language barrier and converted a crowd of strangers into Green Bay Packers fans while we watched the NFC Championship. But most importantly I ate street food that was better than I had ever thought possible. My search for the best tacos in the world is at least narrowed down to a location now. It has to be in Mexico City. Just has to.

The other notable aspect of my time off was that I purchased two properties. The first property was a condo for my girlfriend and myself to live. Moving is obviously very stressful and it was great to have an unfettered block to time to make the space our own. Cleaning and painting and in general trying to play handyman. To combat that stress I installed a hammock swing and was able to read a few titles that I had been looking forward to.

The rest to the time was spent putting together my first commercial investment deal. I was able to find a property, scope out the renovations (one of the units was a complete gut-rehab), find financing for the purchase/renovation, close the deal and begin the renovation. This property was my first foray into commercial real estate and it is one of the best cash flowing addresses in my portfolio. All the work that I put in during my sabbatical was well worth it.

Testimonial 2

The sabbatical gave my immediate and extended families a chance to take two extended vacations that otherwise would be very difficult to plan. This included visits to the Florida Keys, Puerto Rico, and Disney World. These experiences and memories made with my wife, children, and grandparents will last a lifetime.

Testimonial 3


Having this sabbatical has allowed me to have many opportunities, both personally and professionally. Besides the obvious rejuvenation that comes with a six-week break, I was most looking forward to spending uninterrupted time with my family. My wife and I took three weeks to drive our kids all the way around Lake Michigan and since we had the time, we made sure to go slowly. We experienced Sleepy Bear Dunes, biked entire perimeter of the Mackinac Island, bumped into some black bears in the Upper Peninsula, and spent plenty of time on Lake Michigan beaches.

Taking a break from soaking up the sun I was able to study for the certification course I signed up to take during my six weeks off work, "MIT Big Data and Social Analytics Course". Having the time off to take this course gave me an exciting chance to collaborate with people from different industries and really dive into some new analytical tools I had always wanted to play with. It was exciting to take the same data analytics skills I've been in trading the last ten years and apply them in new ways on new types of questions.